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Concertina Wire Manufacturer in Moga

Concertina Wire

Concertina Wire Manufacturer, Suppliers in Moga, Concertina Wire in Moga, Concertina Wire at Best Price in Moga. Concertina Wire is normal designed round in shape for its security purposed, and in a form of a spring, It is made up of spirals which can be stretched to form a Dense Barrier only if it is made up of high Tensile Wire a the Coil Should have standard 50 Spirals.

Concertina Wire comes in various diameters like 450mm, 610mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1050mm and it is made up of high Tensile Wire and it has standard 51 Spirals as CPWD, DDA, MES, PWD and others GOVT Specification and the cost of the product determines to the level of Zinc Coating on it and Number of Spirals.

Concertina wire (and coils) is majorly used as a security fence for farmhouses boundary, Borders Security, Residences Boundary, Military & Nuclear Sites Boundary Security, Refineries and Police Stations Prisons Boundary Security and high-security Zones these security fencing provide total perimeter security. Our Concertina Coils Manufactured by us which is Hard to cut any sharp ornament by Ordinary Pliers only if the High tensile Wire is used.

We are the Leading Concertina wire Manufacturer in Moga, India, we only Use High tensile Wire raw material for manufacturing our Concertina Coils and Concertina Wires.

We Do Not have any Dealers as we want to Supply high tensile Concertina Coils/Wire to our Clients as 99% of Concertina Coils in the Country is Spurious & Substandard.

We always guarantee our fencing products with correct specifications as per the specifications required by IS Standards and the Ministry of Defense of India.


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