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Advantages Over Conventional Fences

The major advantages of Concertina coil fences over traditional fences are:

  • Fence posts are erected 3 - 5 mts apart depending upon the terrain.

  • No barbed wires are used. Only plain High tensile (Strong) wire is used.

  • Selective barriers possible. For example, Elephant barriers can be designed to allow smaller animals like cattle to move in and or out.

  • It is used in more than 165 countries all over the world.

  • It is the most effective method of fencing, and is safe to all kinds of animals and to human beings.
  • It is easily constructed and maintained.
  • It is long lasting and can be modified, extended, shifted and re-erected from one        place to another, without loss of materials and waste of Labour.
  • This is the only method of fencing, which can effectively keep all kinds of wild animals out.

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